The Top Track and the Bottom Track are the constituent parts of an aluminium system, applicable only to the sliding door. Top track is the guiding door element, keeping the doors in a vertical position. Sliding doors roll on a Bottom Track, which is mounted directly to the floor or to the bottom of the wardrobe.

Detail information about the Tracks:

material: aluminum- finishing: anodized, anodized brushed, anodized polished, painted
available colours: anodized: silver, champagne, gold anodized brushed: silver, champagne anodized polished: champagne          painted: white RAL 9016
application: sliding doors only

DOUBLE TOP TRACK section (size in mm):

DOUBLE BOTTOM TRACK section (size in mm):

There are also available in the YELLOW system single tracks, which find its application to passage doors and for build-ins, where doors slide ‘against the wall’.

SINGLE TOP TRACK section (size in mm):

SINGLE BOTTOM TRACK section (size in mm):

Plan: System YELLOW

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