Profile TOKYO 2

Aluminum TOKYO 2 profile is the most popular profile from our offer. The aesthetic qualities of the doors have considerably increased  thanks to the usage of a broad extendable fender brush: regular and perfect brush array along the profile, a covering assembly holes within the profiles, an eliminating the problem with unsticking brush. Its ergonomic shape enables to application not only in sliding doors, but also in the folding doors or the splay ones.

Detail information about the profile:

material: aluminum
finishing: anodized, anodized brushed, painted
available colours: anodized: silver, champagne, gold anodized brushed: silver, champagne painted: white RAL 9016
application: sliding doors, folding ones, slided-folded ones

TOKYO 2 profile section (size in mm):

TOKYO 2 - Srebro
TOKYO 2 - Satyna
TOKYO 2 - Złoto
TOKYO 2 - Srebro szczotkowane
TOKYO 2 - Satyna szczotkowana
TOKYO 2 - Srebro połysk
TOKYO 2 - Biały lakier

Plan: System YELLOW

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