BONARI Sp. z o.o. in addition to profiles, it also offers many systems for sliding, folding, hinged and suspended doors as well as for sloping doors:

  • running systems for sliding doors – bottom carriages and upper guides with ball bearings
  • folding door sets
  • swing door sets
  • sets for suspended doors
  • oblique door sets

The offer also includes:

  • self-closing devices for extreme sliding doors in RED and YELLOW systems designed for doors weighing up to 25 kg, 40 kg and 60 kg
  • self-closing devices for the middle sliding door
  • lower and upper positioners for sliding doors
  • gaskets for 4mm mirror and glass and for safety glass
  • slide-in and self-adhesive fender brushes
  • dust brushes
  • locks for sliding doors
  • foils for mirror or glass
  • screws for aluminum and steel profiles

In addition, you can get the tools:

  • two-stage drills for drilling profiles
  • tools for drilling aluminum profiles
  • steel profile crimping machines

BONARI Sp. z o.o.
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