A wide range of sliding
door systems

Our offer comprises of the systems for following types of doors: sliding, folding and suspended ones, doors used in furnishing the recesses, recess wardrobes as well as free-standing ones and moreover other furniture forms.

The team of our employees rely on experienced specialists from the sliding doors system branch, who have many years of training their skills at engineering and the systems production. We supply best companies manufacturing sliding doors having offered them tested designs of profiles, which had gained high interest among users. Our goods are characterized by high quality, tested design and being applicable in typical as well as in many unconventional solutions for recess wardrobes.

Bonari offers many possibilities

Made to measure

BONARI systems allow you to build your recess with a sliding door, filling the entire space: from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor. The construction of sliding doors to size, allows you to make any furniture to the desired size, which can take a variety of forms from free-standing wardrobes to compositions of wall units with sliding doors.


The possibilities of BONARI brand systems allow the production of atypical sliding doors that can be used, for example, in attic slants. Almost any way of shaping the door is the only way to practical and aesthetic cover the recess located in the attic or other room of irregular shapes.


BONARI sliding doors are not only a practical element of building a recess, but are also an element determining the aesthetics of the room. The possibility of combining different materials in sliding doors gives almost unlimited decorative possibilities, often meeting the boldest visions of interior designers.


Symmetrical BONARI profiles are used mainly in sliding doors for built-in wardrobes but also in transition sliding doors, allowing to separate the bedroom from the bathroom or wardrobe. It is an extremely beneficial solution enabling the creation of equal wardrobe doors and wicket doors, significantly increasing the aesthetics of the interior.

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